What is Humidity?

What is humidity? You have actually heard about it from the weather reports and quite often of course, but you have never known what it is. You are not alone because many people also do not know. There is more to humidity than people know, even those who think that they know about it all. For example, do you know what is humidity, relative humidity, absolute humidity and so forth? Chances are you only pay mind to the weather report when there is the mention of the word rain. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. There are several ways of measuring humidity in the atmosphere but perhaps the most common one is relative humidity.

The humidity determines whether it will rain on a given day or not.  As you will find out when you read some more about humidity, if the humidity is 100%, then may rain. The humidity must be 100% near the area where the clouds are being formed and if so, chances of rain will be very high. You may wonder what is the point of all this but the truth is that humidity is very important to people. For example, if the humidity is high and the weather is hot, then that means that it could be a very uncomfortable day for you because your skin does not “breathe” and it feels clammy and sticky all over. As you seek the answer to the question: what is humidity? You need to know that for you to be comfortable even when you are indoors, then you must keep the level of humidity at optimum.

Too much or too little humidity may not be good for your health. In that case, you need to make sure that you know how to tell when the humidity is not good. For example, if you notice moisture on the windows, then there is probably too much moisture in the air. If you notice mold on the walls, on the clothes and on the furniture, it is because there is too much moisture in the air. If you life in high altitude areas, then most likely there are times of the year when you will experience too much humidity. It is for such times that you need to know what is humidity and what are the best dehumidifiers in the market to invest in.

To be sure about the level of humidity in the air, you need to invest in a hygrometer. This is just an instrument that is used to measure the level of moisture in the air. This instrument is sold in two types and will show the relative humidity in every room. You should know that relative humidity will not be the same in all rooms but it should be close. The electronic and the mechanical hygrometers come with their own distinct advantages. They both work in just about the same way but perhaps you want to know more about them before you buy. The best RH for the indoors is between 30%-50%. The good news is that once you know what is humidity, you can control it, that is, either lower or raise it.

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