Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers

What is the difference between the humidifiers.  Cool Mist vs. Warm mist humidifiers?  No matter which humidifier you get, they will perform the duties they are supposed to do. In the end the actually difference is based on the persons preferences and the situation.  Lately, the Doctors have been recommending the cool mist humidifiers for small children because of the less danger to having a child get hurt.  The warm mist humidifiers use the heater and the steam can harm children and adults as well if a person gets too close to the humidifier.

One main difference between the cool mist vs. the warm mist is that warm mist uses a lot more electricity to warm the water to product steam. Which means that your electrical bill may be a little larger than normal. But on the other hand, the cool mist humidifiers need to have distilled water (there is a little extra cost there) and the filter needs to be changed at least once a year.  Also, important to keep in mind is that for either to do the job required they need to be kept clean to prevent the bacteria.

I personally have major issues with sinuses.  For most sinus sufferers the cool mist is not that good because the cold air hurts sinuses a lot more.  So I use the warm mist humidifier. Again, this is based on my own needs, but I know a lot of people say that cool mist humidifiers do not help with sinuses as much as the warm mist.

Like I said before, they both have the same effect, no matter which humidifier you chose, it will add the moisture to the room.  To add to this, you should also get the one that has the built in humidistat.  This is important because as much as the lack of humidity causes problems, it is the same with the too much of the humidity.  With the built in humidistat, you will kept the humidity level at the right percentage and most experts say anywhere between the 30-50%.  Too much humidity may cause mold.  And one more thing to keep in mind when selecting the humidifier is to get the one that has the automatic shut off when the water level is empty.

Some of the popular humidifiers for the cool mist are: Bionaire and Holmes.

The popular humidifiers for the warm mist are: Vicks and Holmes

As mentioned before, I strongly believe that it comes down to the personal preference when choosing between the cool mist vs. warm mist humidifiers.

How to determine which dehumidifier to buy?  I would say the one that fits your needs.  Here you can read review of dehumidifiers.  You have a choice between, Noisy and less noisy, basement, small room, large room, whole house and commercial dehumidifiers.  It should help you determine which one to buy.

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