Choosing and Installing a Dehumidifier for Your Home

Summer brings humidity. Humidity brings about damp, smelly basements, even in those that are finished. Get rid of the dampness and musty odor by using a dehumidifier. Getting a dehumidifier is something that anyone can easily do. First figure out the approximate square footage of the room that needs to be cleared. This will help you determine the size unit you require. A larger space will obviously want to use a larger dehumidifier.

Other things to take into consideration include how much you want to spend (price range tends to be from $50 for a mini to over $300 for a larger home unit). Look at the energy efficiency of each model as you consider your utility bills. Do you want to frequently remove a small bucket of water, less frequently remove a larger bucket or water, or connect the unit to a drain hose to empty into your basement drain? Do you have an outlet close enough to where you would even try to drain the water? Can the unit stay in one place, or will it have to move from room to room? Think hard about who will really be in charge of caring for the dehumidifier. (As you are researching the possibility, it will probably be you!)

Next do some further research online. Visit websites of your favorite national retailers, such as,,, or, or check out a local business. Type in a search query for “dehumidifier” to take a look at each store’s selection. Get information on the prices of the available units. Compare their features and read customer reviews. Educate yourself before going into the store. Take notes and print off pages of your favorite units.

After doing your research, decide on a couple of units. Many websites now allow you to do a search of your local store’s inventory before you drive all the way to the store. While this feature is helpful, you will still want to call ahead if your heart is set on a particular unit, as the feature is not completely reliable.

Now go to the store with information in hand. Take a look at the actual units on the store floor to get a better idea of what they look like and how they feel. Ask the salesman for more information, but remember his job is to sell you on a product.

Once you have made your decision, take home or order the dehumidifier. For normal installation, find an outlet in an area where the dehumidifier can stand with nothing immediately surrounding it, in order to maximize its effectiveness. Plug it in and it should start working immediately. Until you can figure out the machine’s routine, check it regularly for emptying.

If you choose to hook up a drain hose, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier home!

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