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In winter, when using heating batteries, I and my family feel some discomfort due to the fact that the air in my house become dry. A comfortable humidity is 50% +/- 10%. In a cold season humidity decreases and I feel it: the throat and nose dry out, lips dry. I instinctively want to open windows and let cool winter air into the heated space, but when the air warms up, it becomes dry.

Air humidifier minimizes the negative factors of the “desert” in my house. By the way, the it gives few more pleasant bonuses:  plants on windows don’t suffer from intensive heating in winter, as well as wooden furniture, parquet flooring, books and even musical instruments.

Choosing the right humidifier is not so easy even for the experienced consumer due to the wide variety of types and models. Before choosing a the device it is necessary to understand the features and evaluate the performance of different units. It is also necessary to find out the minimum necessary functional and do not overestimate the secondary features.

I’ve spend a lot of time to research and choosing humidifier. And moreover, I did several wrong choices. My goals is to share my experience and resources you need to get answers. You will find tips, guides, ideas, and recommendations for humidifier choosing and maintenance.

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